Wednesday, January 16, 2008

LAMP flickers with MySQL acquisition by Sun

Sun Microsystems announced today that it will buy MySQL for a billion dollars, paying off the MySQL founders and investors.

For only a billion dollars... Now, that's a steal, don't you think? If MySQL had gone IPO perhaps they could've raised 5 billion dollars or more - I believe they could have because the open source market is only growing stronger. On the same day, Oracle announced its acquisition of BEA for 8.5 billion dollars - just for acquiring market share. So a billion dollars for MySQL seems cheap.

How does this affect Linux? Sun has marketed open source initiatives such as OpenSolaris, Netbeans, GlassFish and OpenOffice. Now MySQL joins that list. MySQL is a key player in the Linux solution set. Linux could benefit if MySQL is provided with more resources to help build more powerful open source solutions. Linux could be hurt if MySQL becomes more encumbered and less free.

2008 promises to be an interesting year for open source. Let's hope Sun will play to its strengths of great engineering and innovation and support the entire open source community. This means Linux too.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Uniting Open Minds at GNUnify on Feb 8-9

I've been part of GNUnify for a few years now - this will be my fifth year. It has been a marvelous experience to see the conference grow and gain wide national and international participation. GNUnify is organized by the professors and graduate students of the Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research (SICSR) in association with the Pune Linux Users Group (PLUG) to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge among industry professionals and academia. This year promises to be exciting - with international keynotes, in-depth technical sessions, hands-on workshops on the latest FOSS technologies, install fests and BOFs. Two days of intense discussions, hallway networking, learning about red-hot open source applications, BOF-ing with the gurus and of course enjoying SPDPs. For those who don't know about the famous "SPDP" - come to GNUnify to find out more about it. Be there!